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 Super Junior 5th Full Album World-wide Pre-orders

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PostSubject: Super Junior 5th Full Album World-wide Pre-orders   11.07.11 10:20


5th Album order

01. Please read everything, do not skim through.
02. Please remember we're doing this to help Super Junior win awards at the end of the year, so any kind of help on your part is very appreciated.

➀ General Information:

※ This topic is for world-wide pre-orders.
※ Our albums are being sourced from Korea and will count on Korean charts.
※ By placing an order in this thread and carrying out the payment, you will help increase the volume of Super Junior's sales.
※ A free poster should be guaranteed as usual.
※ You do not need to be a registered SJ-WORLD member before you order, but you must provide a valid email address.
※ SJ-WORLD will also be taking orders for the repackaged version starting next month.
※ If you have any questions, ask in this topic, not here.

➁ Time and Deadline:

※ We'll be taking preorders until August 1st, at 00:00 KST.
※ Our albums will be bought in batches throughout the first 2~3 weeks since its release.
※ Ordering this way takes time, please be prepared to wait for your album patiently.
※ Delivery time varies according to our various representatives. Albums will be shipped as soon as possible.
※ You're strongly encouraged to buy the album on your own as well, aside from doing it through us, to increase the volume of Super Junior's sales.
※ Online stores: Hot Tracks / Synnara Online. Apparently DVDHeaven's sales are reflected on Korean charts. Do not buy from YesAsia.

➂ Album Pricing and Payment Directions:

※ Our estimated amount for one album shipped from Korea to a representative is US$16.
※ You will be asked to transfer a second amount for shipping from the representative to you at a later stage.
※ If our estimated pricing exceeds the actual album cost, the difference will be deducted from your second payment.
※ If our estimated pricing is less than the actual album cost, the difference will be added to your second payment.
※ After placing an order in this thread, wait for your representative to contact you (either via PM or email).
※ If you can't find a satisfying payment method, you could try to ask a friend or family member to help you pay.
※ All Paypal payments must be made by August 1st, at 00:00 KST.
※ Paypal fees must be covered by yourself: helpful tip / how to ㅡ If you do not have this option, then please send US$17 to be safe.

➃ Donations:

※ When paying for your album, you are encouraged to send a small donation.
※ By donating towards this cause, your money will be used to buy more albums.
※ If every person were to donate US$4, every 4 people who donate, we would be able to buy 1 extra album.
※ These albums will be used as contest prizes or given to fans through a lucky draw.
※ You are free to donate as much as you want, any amount, but you're not obligated to.
※ Donations are meant to be helpful to Super Junior in order to win awards at the end of the year.

➄ Country representatives and accepted payment methods:


Payments: concealed cash, bank transfer (Bank of America or Citibank), checks, USPS money order, Western Union, paypal


↘ Feenazz07 → BRUNEI
Payments: concealed cash, bank transfer, paypal
↘ -ńine亀~♪ → INDONESIA
Payments: bank transfer, concealed cash, paypal
↘ eternalsnow and purplehill89 → MALAYSIA
Payments: bank transfer, paypal / concealed cash and Western Union only if absolutely necessary
↘ iyaface★ → PHILIPPINES
Payments: bank transfer, Western Union, paypal
↘ viragis → SINGAPORE
Payments: bank transfer, paypal, concealed cash
↘ ↗Miss.희시카 → REST OF ASIA
Payments: bank transfer, Western Union, paypal, concealed cash, money orders


Payments: bank transfer, money order, paypal


↘ done → FRANCE
Payments: bank transfer, concealed cash, paypal
↘ GkcTly → TURKEY
Payments: bank transfer, concealed cash, paypal
↘ sushi cat~♥ → UK ㅡ IRELAND
Payments: bank transfer, cheque, concealed cash, paypal
↘ vicтoяiaи☆규현 → ALL OF EUROPE
Payments: bank transfer, Western Union, concealed cash, paypal / Italians also: postepay, vaglia

➅ How to Order:

※ Place an order only if you are 100% SURE.
※ If you place an order in this topic, you are expected to pay. No cancellations.
※ If you do not reply to our PM when asked for the second payment within a week, your album will be donated.
※ Fill in the form below and post it in a new reply in this thread.
※ Your representative will PM you final confirmation of the amount to pay as quickly as possible.
※ If you edit your post, please inform the representative of your change as well.
※ If your contact information change by any chance, please contact your representative.

Quote :
► Username: (if a member, your SJ-WORLD display name)
► Country:
► Album quantity:
► Donation amount: (if applicable)
► Payment method:
► Contact information: (active email address) + (twitter, if applicable)


5th Album order

Credit :


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Super Junior 5th Full Album World-wide Pre-orders
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