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 ~Onikins... I am <3

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Date d'inscription : 2011-07-10
Age : 37
Localisation : Germany

~Onikins... I am <3 Empty
PostSubject: ~Onikins... I am <3   ~Onikins... I am <3 Icon_minitime19.07.11 14:21

Hi everybody

this is me! ^^

Name : Anja (Oni is also my family/friend nickname)
Age : 29... turning 30 soon... very weird still feel like 16... mentally XD
Date of Birth : 16.10.1981
Country : Germany

members : totally Kyuhyun biased XD but my 2nd love is Yesung... Herr Yesung (he needs honorifics) Wink all the others have to share my love equally Wink

Favorite song : all Kyu songs... plus It's You, All My Heart, Shake It Up, It Has To be You, Why I Like You and Just Like Now... of course i like all their songs

MV : It's You...def... Kyu's eternal smexyness in their O_O hehe... also i love the way they filmed it

When did you know the Super Junior? : 2009... "wow... this is a big group..."

How did you discover this forum? : Delphine told me she would make it. thanks for your hard work Smile

More Info: I'm totally into asian drama... like seriously... and i'm obsessiv with that watching one after another Wink

So i also do fanvids.... together with Brina (kyyra1986)... we are sisters btw. arguing all the time about which scene would be better in our vids.

So check out our channels on yt:
fynn1981 ---> all our random stuff... also has fancams from SM Town Paris
dramaninjaforever ---> only Asian drama mv's

oh btw... a 5jib trailer we just finished... we added credits for our new lovely forum XD

check it out:

I think this was it XD

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Date d'inscription : 2011-07-13
Localisation : France

~Onikins... I am <3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: ~Onikins... I am <3   ~Onikins... I am <3 Icon_minitime19.07.11 16:47

Hello there, welcome~! =3
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~Onikins... I am <3
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