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 [SJ-Market]5th Album Support + UCC Video

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[SJ-Market]5th Album Support + UCC Video Empty
PostSubject: [SJ-Market]5th Album Support + UCC Video   [SJ-Market]5th Album Support + UCC Video Icon_minitime18.07.11 11:34

Hello Smile

We are so excited and happy that Super Junior is making their comeback with their 5th album soon^^

A lot of you might have been worried that Super Market was rather quiet with the 5th album coming out soon, however, since it is highly possible that it might be their last album for a while with some members going to serve the national army, we wanted to be make sure to be extra careful in deciding what will be the best thing to do for them.
We can tell you that the following things have been decided by numerous discussions and debates regarding the 5th album Smile

1. 5th Album Support

We had to think about whether it would be better to support SJ with dd or concentrate fully on the albums. However, after the Golden Disk Awards 2010, we realised and could not forget that with small differences between artists, the winner of the award may differ, therefore, Super Market have decided to support the 5th album, concentrating FULLY on the albums.

We believe that the best gift that we can give them as fans are the amount of sales that no one else can even compete with.
High number of sales mean that the value of the album that Super Junior members have worked hard to record will go up, and that in this time of KPOP where digital tracks are regarded as more important, it would help in confirming Super Junior's stand in their rightful place as the sole record-selling artist.

Therefore, 'Super Market', 'Daksu20', 'ChunWheeRyong' and our site member 'SMF' who have worked on bulk orders before, are working together to organise a bulk ordering system for this purpose.

(We are still talking with other sites and are waiting for their response in regards to them joining this project too)

This support is not just a bulk purchase just for the Korean fans.
We are joining hands with international fans to have a structure and greatly increase the album sales overall,
on this matter, we will further guide you in more detail when the system and structure are decided and are confirmed with this collaboration, on our 2nd notice soon.

2. Production of UCC videos to promote the 5th album

As we mentioned above, our main purpose of Super Market's support for this album is the album 'sales'.
However, we are also aware of the worries that some have been voicing to us that the promotion is too little. Therefore, with the help of the fans, we would like to create a UCC video.

The purpose of this UCC video is to show our joint hope that this album will succeed greatly, and that this is the thought that is shared by the fans in Korea as well as fans living abroad, especially since Super Junior is group loved by so many around the world.
To participate, please send us a 'photo' of a piece of paper with the phrase 'Return of the Superior' written on it.
You can decide on the background of the photo, and since we think it's important to show how many fans Super Junior has, please show which country E.L.F you are at the bottom of the paper.

The photo below is a quick example, and if you could send a better, and somehow special photos, we would be furthermore grateful.
Please send us photos with interesting backgrounds, for example, maybe it can be somewhere that shows where you are from, The Louvre or the Eiffel Tower if you're French, the London Eye, Big Ben if you're from England.. or you can be more creative and come up with your own idea of a background!

[SJ-Market]5th Album Support + UCC Video A0071032_4e20678ecef3e

Since their comeback is going to be soon, we will be accepting photos from the Sunday 17th of July to the Sunday 24th of July midnight (KST)
The photo resolution should be at least of '800x480'. Please send the photos to, thank you! Smile

If you have any questions on this notice, please don't hesitate to contact us through the counter board on our site, if you're not a member, then through email or our newly created QNA twitter for international ELF: @sj_market_qna
We will then check and answer you as fast as we can.

This 5th album activity is a whole Super Junior activity, which we won't be able to see for some time, and the comeback is really soon.
Let's all be smiling together this winter, with working hard together, like we did for the 3rd album, 'Sorry, Sorry'^_^!

Thank you.

source : HERE


[SJ-Market]5th Album Support + UCC Video Bx_nic10

[SJ-Market]5th Album Support + UCC Video Sans_t11
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[SJ-Market]5th Album Support + UCC Video
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